GLH Systems

We offer simple, unbiased harware and software recommendations. Our focus is having technology work for You.

we are here to help

A partial listing of capabilities

  • PC/Network not working/crashing
  • Virus issue/prevention
  • Network High-Speed Internet connection
  • System Rebuilds
  • Clean installation of Operating System
  • Setup and installation of Servers and Workstations for Small Businesses
  • Setup and organization of email (Outlook/Mail combined with Exchange)
  • Installation of new software or hardware
  • each users how to use equipment and software
  • Setup desktop faxing
  • Setup a Data Backup plan
  • Business Optimization: technological solutions customize to your business needs

Reasons to hire GLH Systems

  • Technical and Teaching skills combined with Business Ownership skills
  • Experience
  • Organizational skills: Better organization saves time on future issues
  • Pleasure to work with, and articulate to the user on their level
  • Unbiased hardware and software recommendations
  • Focus is on having technology work for YOU

Optimizing your technology

  • sync everything
  • Protection from viruses and Spy-ware
  • Backup important data on a regular basis
  • Conversions from one program to another
  • Share a high speed Internet connection
  • Get you organized to over come emergencies quickly
  • Upgrade you computer?s speed and storage abilities
  • Perform software and hardware maintenance to increase reliability and speed
  • Create a mobile office

For more information on our services please call: 603.774.6374

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